Double Dog Daddy-O!

Double Dog Daddy-O!

The Collaborative Works of Derek Hess and Scott Pickering


The bond between artists, Derek Hess and Scott Pickering was created in the smoke filled, legendary early 90’s Euclid Tavern. Derek was booking the bands there, while Scott was playing in many Cleveland bands (Prisonshake, My Dad Is Dead, etc.) Both were visual artists in the very early stages of their careers. No one would have expected, 20 years later they would join forces for one of the most unlikely art collaborations.


Double Dog Daddy-O! features over 25 works created jointly by Derek Hess and Scott Pickering. Making this show truly unique, is not only their opposite illustrative styles coming together, but this is the first time Hess has worked with another artist on single pieces.


Derek is known for his sometimes extreme, but always impactful images depicting societies daily struggles, created in his classically trained style.


Scotts approach to his art is fast, free flying creatures, drawn loosely without rules. If the line works he’ll build on it….and probably add a hat on the head of the figure.


“Derek and I decided to collaborate on a series of new drawings. No rules- let’s just see what happens- and the results are energy blasts of visual chaos. perfect.” -Scott Pickering


“Scott and I decided to take our different approaches to the paper and combine them and see what happens. What’s grown from the mayhem are some solid expressions of serious nonsense that leaves the viewer satisfied.” -Derek Hess


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