Will you do a tattoo for me?
NO. It’s been a long standing policy that I don’t draw tattoo’s. I get TON of requests and i feel if i did one, i’d have to do them all, hope you understand. If you’d like to use an existing image that’s great but we don’t supply the black lines for them. If you do get one done, send a picture of it, your name, the tattooist, the tattoo shop, and city to marty@strhess.com and we’ll get it up in the tattoo section.
hope that explains it, i don’t know how to be any more clear. if you do request a custom tattoo, don’t expect a response.
Who are your influences?
My drawing influences are many, my two biggest ones are Heinrich Kley and Gil Kane. The old masters were pretty brilliant, and Ralph Steadman ‘s stuff is great.
Bad relationships tend to inspire as well.
Do you do interviews?
I do interviews over the phone only. If you send me a list of questions chances are i won’t ever get around to answering them so it’s best to do it by phone. Please read my bio first so we can get past the “where did you go to school” type questions and really get into the meat of it. All interviews are set up on Thursdays and Fridays between 2:00 and 6:00pm. You will need to contact info@derekhess.com to set up a time.
How can I get your b/w flyers and do you sell them?
We used to give away flyers if you sent a sase but that all has to end. Because of the overwhelming response and our inability to keep up with the demand we will have to discontinue this.
How do I get started in the line of art you do?
Read the bio, be creative and try to find your own path to get your work out there.
Will you do a flyer, poster, record cover for my band?
I get a lot of requests for flyers, posters and record covers. Because of the demand, my fine art and commercial work I can only handle so much. If you want a flyer, poster or record cover please send a disc of your music, band, etc and a short note what your interested in to Derek Hess, c/o Altered Image, 1300 West 78th St, 2nd Floor, Cleveland, OH 44102. If I like what I hear and I have the time I will try and do something but please dont take it personally if Im not able to get to it. Please dont e-mail asking how much I charge because none of that is handled over e-mail.
Will you do a T-Shirt design for my band?
At this time I’m declining all requests for T-shirts, but thanks for the interest.
I e-mailed Derek a while back, when will I get a response.
I try and get to all the e-mail sent but sometimes its hard. Just sit back sooner or later Ill get around to it.
Will you sign an un-signed silk screen print?
No. The only way an un-signed screen print could be in circulation is if the printer sold them out the back door. Printers are paid to print the run, not print extras and sell on the side, that’s shady as hell so buyer beware.
Are you a Christian?
no. most crosses in my work are grave markers not pagan religious symbols based on astrology.
What computer programs do you use?
No computers are used in my art, not in the originals, illustrations, or silk screens. Everything is drawn with pen and ink, other materials used when needed are pencils, acrylics, and crayons. The collage work is cut out of magazines or comic books with scissors or a knife, and glued onto the actual art. On the silk screens, all separations are done by hand, and the master is key lined with a straight edge on board, then shot onto a film transparency. The only time a computer gets involved is for the graphics, type, on a commercial job.
Do you like sushi ?
soda or pop?