Limited-Edition Clutch 454 Engine Sculpture


The band Clutch and artist Derek Hessare bringing their wildly popular “454” design to life with the help of the team at Arcane Visionaries. Limited-edition sculpture available NOW.





Grey Matter The Art of Steve Ehret and Kat Francis

Opening Receptions:  June 21, 2019  5pm-9pm

Dates:  By appointment through
Location: Derek Hess Gallery at 1300 West 78th Street Suite 227 Cleveland, OH 44102

On June 21st, come see married artists, Steve Ehret and Kat Francis, as they explore grey matter and what lies within. The couple developed this body of work through colorful compositions with a whimsical attitude. Unique character forms, botanical drawings, and wallpaper-like designs are just some of the imaginative spaces Ehret and Francis create. 

The couple wanted to create a body of work about private thoughts, the strange area between subconscious and conscious thinking. Ehret and Francis not only portray their own melancholy feelings of “private thoughts” but also collaborated to create work that brings stories housed from their own grey matter together in unison.

“Moments such as catching a glimpse in neighbor’s window, curious of what their life is like. We all do it, yet we are ashamed or try to hide this curiosity” says Ehret and Francis.

Grey Matter consists of layers, some times chaotic, and collage as they explore this realm of thought between the obscure yet playful subconscious to illustrate the nature of thought. As they expose their own vulnerability, Ehret and Francis invite you to compare your own personal thought so that you may walk away curious about the idea of what grey matter actually houses.


31 Days In May Book and Tour

To honor Mental Health Awareness Month in May of 2017, Derek posted a daily image to his social media outlets that showcased his ongoing battle with Dual Diagnosis, a term for those who struggle with both mental illness and substance abuse. This book, 31 Days In May, is a look at the link between creativity and disturbed mental states, as told through Derek’ artwork.

What started off as self-exploration quickly turned into a personal journey for those among Derek’s followers who were dealing with mental health and addiction issues of their own. Topics such as loneliness, relationships, depression and suicide are beautifully and painfully depicted throughout the book with the hope that it not only helps dispel some of the negative stereotypes surrounding mental illness, but also helps to educate readers, and shows others so afflicted that they aren’t alone.

Along with the 31 images that were originally posted, Derek included additional thematically-linked pieces, resulting in a generous book of over 150 pages filled with stunning art. The book concludes with a gallery of Derek Hess-inspired tattoos (see next page), which fans of his art and message have gotten to help deal with their own mental health issues.

31 Days In May is over 150 pages, hardbound, and contains over 120 Derek Hess images, some never before published, with a foreword by Dr. Joseph Calabrese, Director of the Mood Disorders Program at the University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center.

Each copy will be signed by Derek.


V-Day 2018 Package

Valentines Day 2018 Package, Bundle and Love Song Print available.
More info here.



Double Dog Daddy-O!

Double Dog Daddy-O!

The Collaborative Works of Derek Hess and Scott Pickering


The bond between artists, Derek Hess and Scott Pickering was created in the smoke filled, legendary early 90’s Euclid Tavern. Derek was booking the bands there, while Scott was playing in many Cleveland bands (Prisonshake, My Dad Is Dead, etc.) Both were visual artists in the very early stages of their careers. No one would have expected, 20 years later they would join forces for one of the most unlikely art collaborations.


Double Dog Daddy-O! features over 25 works created jointly by Derek Hess and Scott Pickering. Making this show truly unique, is not only their opposite illustrative styles coming together, but this is the first time Hess has worked with another artist on single pieces.


Derek is known for his sometimes extreme, but always impactful images depicting societies daily struggles, created in his classically trained style.


Scotts approach to his art is fast, free flying creatures, drawn loosely without rules. If the line works he’ll build on it….and probably add a hat on the head of the figure.


“Derek and I decided to collaborate on a series of new drawings. No rules- let’s just see what happens- and the results are energy blasts of visual chaos. perfect.” -Scott Pickering


“Scott and I decided to take our different approaches to the paper and combine them and see what happens. What’s grown from the mayhem are some solid expressions of serious nonsense that leaves the viewer satisfied.” -Derek Hess


For additional information, to schedule an interview or request additional imagery please contact: Martin Geramita (216) 288-4868 or



AS I REMEMBER YOU New print by Derek Hess Available Now


Forced Perspective Now Available on VOD and DVD/Bluray/Book

Forced Perspective is an intimate portrait of iconic Cleveland artist Derek Hess by filmmaker Nick Cavalier. The film is a journey through Derek’s struggle with alcoholism and bipolar and how these demons effect the artwork, presenting a voyeur into Derek’s personal life, revealing his process and philosophy. This award winning documentary showcases the evolution of a celebrated artist, his effect on music and culture while highlighting the link between creativity and mental illness.

Forced Perspective is now available for purchase through Vimeo On Demand and through the Forced Perspective IndieMerch page.

On Demand



Burned Out Skateboard

Burned Out Skateboard
first come first serve

Burned Out Skateboard, signed and numbered limited edition of 100.
Please be aware that this is a pre-order item. Expected to ship on or around March 18, 2016 *



New TLA series available NOW

Special discount for pre-orders

The series of prints includes
Me I Disconnect From You
No Shoulder To Cry On
Certificate of Authenticity

Each 15” x 20” piece is a signed & numbered handpulled serigraph
printed by Superelectric press in Cleveland, Ohio
Limited to an edition of 70
printed on French paper, pop tone, sweet tooth white

TLA is a grouping of three separate images that when viewed together become a whole. Each original piece came out in a succession as part of a healing process so by that nature they ended up becoming a series. The three pieces all were saying something individually, but when grouped together the message
became clear as one…a process. A process that continues and as of now there is no closure. Closure is always the goal.
pre-order now for $155.00 till Feb 26th, regular price will be $185.00
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New Clutch poster available

Signed and numbered limited edition of 200. offset print 28″  x 12″

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Pre – Order Black White and Red all over

Over 175 iconic images that are simultaneously unsettling and compelling. The pieces chosen for this book have all the drama of a mood light illuminated with a 1,000 watt bulb…or perhaps a dim bulb, Hess leaves that for you to decide. You’re sure to leave with an opinion – or more accurately, an emotion.


Blueprint to a Brownie II

browniewebEach print comes with a certificate of authenticity.

36″ x 24″ signed and numbered limited edition print of 200.
Created on a replica from the original blueprints from the Municipal Stadium.
Each print is consistent.

Price: $150




Now Available for Pre-Order – Always signed and number Fine Art Print.


Always print trailer

“Always” a signed and numbered limited edition Fine Art Giclee print.
Preview trailer for this print below.


First Trailer for Forced Perspective

“Forced Perspective” is a documentary film showcasing the life of artist Derek Hess directed by Nick Cavalier.


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