erie pa. art show flier

this was awesome, almost as good as the “shudder to think” story….i made this flier with a naked tank headed women and the promoters in erie plastered their town with it. they later get a call from the erie police “telling” them to take down the fliers because they were “pornography”. when the promoters called and told me, we immediately got on the phone with the erie police asking them for an official statement / press release regarding this subject. they wanted to know why, and we told them because we were going to hit all our press contacts, local and national, about the censorship of art by the state….the police then dropped the matter and the fliers stayed up.

the name of the show was “start by killing all the art directors” (see all exhibits here) which is a line from caesar, his actual words were “start by killing all the lawyers” – art directors, lawyers, i hate them both. – d