Shudder To Think

This is the notorious Barney flier I still get asked about. I did this image about two or three weeks after Kurt’s death (Kurt dressed as Barney for the previous halloween). The drawing is of Barney doing the copy cat suicide because he just couldn’t continue after his hero off-ed himself. Now the writing around Barney’s head is reference to Eddie Vedder being a poser. Some how this flier made it to the desk of Pearl Jams manager. She inturn got Shudder To Think’s ( the band I was promoting ) booking agent on the phone and wanted to know if there was anyway she could have me arrested. “Not in this country”, was the response.
Meanwhile back in Cleveland the Euclid Tavern was getting calls from irate mothers who’s little kids where traumatized by seeing Barney’s untimely self inflicted death. Then the show was canceled due to the tour being re-routed. This started a rumor that the show was canceled because of the flier. We just let people run with that, funny stuff. – D