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  • inadequate
    days are getting shorter
    untitled (5-26-11)
    untitled (5-28-11)
  • windows
    structural failure
    envelop II
  • there’s a hole in my sidewalk
    internal dialogue
    untitled (6-17-11-1)
    untitled (6-17-11-2)
  • rubber penguin
    i know that guy
    by the way, yes
  • untitled (6-18-11-1)
    june 1971
    december 1971
    august 1969
  • unattainable
    soul sick
    cooked adequately
    i’m such an…
  • untitled (6-28-11)
    mr. owl
    untitled (7-7-11)
  • internalize
    who’s on first?
    triceratops skull
    pop i, want to rock and roll all night
  • inflict myself on others
    why am i here anyway?
  • nothing a little seroquel xr couldn’t fix
    untitled (8-3-11)
    exit strategy
    i’m the common thread in all of my bad relationships
  • don’t forget to say your prayers- jersey devil
    untitled (8-16-11)
    sick II
    word game
  • my heart let memories flood my mind
    untitled (9-6-11-1)
    untitled (9-6-11-2)
  • sick III
    the relation between an effect and its cause
    wellington crappie’s of Nos 99 attacking berlin april 1st 1941
    two macchi c.200 saette down a p40
  • pbm sheephead/drum in saipan plagued by japanese zero crackers and disney gremlins
    nothing grows here
    this is my stop
    muskie mouth polikarpov I-16 in a dogfight with 3 me 109 bluegills
  • white sucker HE 111’s on bombing raid over london with bluegill 109’s fighter support
    bullhead-17’s of the 303rd bombardment group drop 440 lbs incendiary clusters over german factories
    half the time it could seem funny
    i lie awake