• p-47 whitebass of the 492nd fighter squadron / 48th fighter group
    orchid III
    p-40 rock bass hawk vs. zero
    crappie II
  • holding on to black metal
    thanksgiving 2011
    untitled (3-24-12)
    RAF P-40 crappie kittyhawk
  • orchid
    italian savoia marchetti SM.79 sturgeon torpedo bomber
    february 1976 V
    february 1967 II
  • may 1970 VI
    untitled (3-9-12)
  • all good angels go to heaven
    untitled (11-5-11)
    untitled (3-8-12)
    neurosis poster sketch
  • there is no indication the destruction is eternal, though it may be complete
    untitled (2-29-12)
    bomber sqaudron
    the escorts
  • untitled (2-28-12-2)
    and when it all goes to hell
    untitled (2-28-12-1)
    i miss the idea of her
  • focke wulf crappie devil II
    adololf galland
    seven tulips and a ufo
    untitled (2-22-12)
  • yeoman janic rand
    untitled (10-23-11)
    untitled (2-20-12)
    two, fourteen, twelve
  • six tulips and a ufo
    footloose III
    bouquet II
  • pushing up
    untitled (10-25-11)
    all the hands of hope have withdrawn
    untitled (1-31-12-2)
  • untitled (1-31-12-1)
    untitled (1-30-12)
    untitled (1-29-12)
    foke wulf crappie devil
  • untitled (10-10-11)
    thus IV
    turtle sketch
    untitled (10-11-11-1)
  • keeping the monster within
    untitled (1-18-12-2)
    fall from disgrace
    angelic osteoarthitis
  • untitled (10-11-11-2)
    largemouth JU87G tank buster eating a yak-3 cracker
    soviet white bass yak-3
    september 1968