• tough love
    consequences for my actions
    untitled (6-30-15-1)
    love never stays, pain never leaves
  • we will be strong
    untitled (7-7-15-2)
    untitled (7-7-15-3)
  • untitled (6-30-15-3)
    untitled (6-30-15-2)
    untitled (6-28-15-2)
  • untitled (6-19-15)
    untitled (5-6-15)
    untitled (5-3-15-1)
    i’ll always remember
  • the graves are gonna be your home
    missing girls you never knew II
    born to lose
    missing girls you never knew
  • untitled (4-7-15)
    b-26 dr. marauder
    untitled (3-14-15)
    untitled (3-13-15)
  • big foot
    untitled (3-4-15)
    b26 sheephead with d-day stripes
    dr. 26 seuss marauder II
  • only one
    485th bomb group
    d-day stripes
  • JU 87 steusska – operation barbarossa
    dr. 26 seuss marauder
    north africa
    FW large mouth 190D-9
  • everything is not ok
    “raf b-24 seusserator”
    b-24 sheephead and two seusserators of the 90th bomb group
    the arch
  • crappie-hawk
    eye cysts
    short fuse
  • untitled (1-13-15-2)
    untitled (1-13-15-1)
    australopithecus andi-ous
  • untitled (1-4-15-2)
    things aren’t what they’re supposed to be
    untitled (1-4-15-1)
    thunderhead III
  • i see the tip of the iceberg, and i worry about you V
    hungary, summer of 1942
    b-24 seusserators of the 455th bg
    hans ulrich rudel bass
  • re-2001 falco-mouth bass scores two victories over hawker crackers
    b-24 seusserator of the 446th bg
    b-24 seusserators at ploesti, 8-1-43″
    b-25 carp, pacific theater 1944