Shipping delays with many of the November and early December orders.

Many of you are reaching out to us with tracking that says “Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item”, please be aware that USPS does in fact have your order. It has left the studio but due to USPS in Cleveland, OH being massively overwhelmed, many packages are not getting acceptance scans when they have been taken in. There are a number of factors for this issue:

- This Cleveland, OH USPS facility handles a particularly large volume of shipments, even in normal circumstances
- Labor shortages at USPS due to COVID and other USPS issues
- Increased holiday online shopping, etc. due to COVID

We appreciate your patience with this matter. We are doing everything we can but there is nothing more we can do to get these packages moving other than to wait. Thank you all for your understanding. Derek and the team has been working around the clock which makes this all that much more disheartening to be having these issues.

When we get closer to the holidays if you have still not received your package please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are working on something that may be able to help hold your loved one over till the gift arrives.

You can watch this news segment about the issue HERE.

Thank you, Strhess

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