Afghan Whigs w/ Howlin' Maggie - Derek Hess

Afghan Whigs w/ Howlin' Maggie

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MATERIALS: 5 color serigraph
DIMENSIONS: 19 3/4 x 33in
Signed and numbered edition of 400

The Afghan Whigs and Howling Maggie concert poster i created for their 1995 show at Peabodys Downunder in Cleveland, Ohio

why this works across the top the eye reads the words "afghan whigs" as a shape. after you read the words left to right, your eye pulls back from right to left to the tip of the dogs tail. the tip is almost in the corner of the page but not exactly. when something is exactly in a corner it tends the lead your eye off the page and you don't want that, you want them reading through the entire piece. from the tip of the tail your eye is lead down by the perspective and angle the dog is standing on the woman's head. where the collar and leash meet her had your eye is then pull down toward the left corner. it follows through the extended arm, through the poop scoop and ends on top of the date of the show which is important information the viewer needs. you finish by reading the date left to right. this is composition stuff, it's not a conscious thing unless you break it down like i just did when all is said and done, hopefully the person looking at the poster comes to the show.